Core94 Halloween Night Dive 2017

As you are all aware, Halloween is just around the corner, and we would like to invite you all along for this year’s eerie dive under the cover of darkness.

Illuminator Run 28th October

On the 28th October go wild through the night on Scotland’s toughest night half marathon. 15 dark miles over rugged hill trails with just the glow of your head torch to lead the way.

Loch Ness Dive Trip 28th October

Who can miss the chance of having Loch Ness in a divers log book. This dive day gives you a whole new meaning to eerie.
This is not a deep diving day, its an adventure day.

Empire BT Defender Paintball Marker

The innovative geniuses of Empire Paintball have been at it again with the creation of the Empire BT D*Fender


First Class Training @ Core 94

Both my daughters have trained to PADI Rescue Diver with Core94 and they received excellent training which has resulted in two confident and capable divers. Always good banter around the shop and a patient approach to training in the water. The shop is well stocked and prices are pretty much what you get online, but have the luxury of buying locally. Air fills and mixes have always been quick and easy.

Alex B TripAdvisor

Hydrotech Predator 2 Drysuit Review

After having lots of cold and slightly damp dives due to little leaks here and there I decided that it was finally time to retire my most excellent but well used Otter Britannic to the role of back up suit and look for a replacement. As I seem to get colder and colder on my long North Sea deco stops these days I also decided it was time that I looked into a neoprene suit as I was having way too many layers under my fourth element arctics . I seriously considered an O'Three Ri 1-100 with front entry (could never go back to rear entry after many years of self-donning) but at the last minute was persuaded to look at Hydrotech...

By pure luck, my local dive centre, Core 94 in Aberdeen (ex-Aberdeen Watersports) are the local agent so I was able to pop in and have a look. Have to say I was very impressed with the standard off the peg offerings, especially the quality and features considering the reasonable price tag (approx. £800 rear entry and £1000 front entry) but they only had large and medium sizes in front entry. Being a little vertically challenged I really needed a medium relaxed (otherwise know as short & fat!) so after a few calls the factory was able to send up the required standard suit for me to try in a week or so. During this time I did a bit of research to find that the suits are made at Stoney Cove via the guys that used to be the DUI agents. This may explain where the quality comes from as they obviously know how to make a good suit and what features are important. Anyhow, the suit was a very good fit and it was then down to me choosing the features that I wanted. Some of these it turned out were not normal offerings from the factory (plastic front zip, moved from normal position to go over shoulder more, large pockets with zips instead of Velcro, neoprene only cuffs) but again, after some discussion the factory was happy to accommodate my needs and the suit was ordered. Some 3 weeks later my new suit arrived with exactly the variations I had ordered and I have to say I am delighted. Even though it is an off the peg size, the fit is fantastic, namely due to the telescopic torso which is rare on neoprene suits. The pockets are huge, the zip is in exactly the right place and the suit is very easy to don and doff, unlike the standard front zip position which is too far down your thigh and not enough over your shoulder. The guys have done a great job and having recently completed a west coast weekend of diving with my local BSAC club (Deeside SAC) I am a warm and very happy diver thanks to Core 94 and Hydrotech.